Defining Sin

Up until recently, my personal understanding of sin was that it was simply disobeying a list of do’s and don’ts. I understood that we are given Torah and the laws, and I thought that by simply obeying those, I was avoiding sin. Sure I make mistakes and sin against YHVH and others by disobeying those laws, but as long as I am consciously trying my best to keep those laws I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. You can even fit Strong’s definition of sin into this understanding – that sin is simply missing the mark. (If I fail to keep one of the laws, I have missed the mark in that area.) Seems like a pretty black and white concept, huh? It just isn’t that simple, though.

The Image of God

Many have wondered what the purpose of man is and how he relates with God. While I have the heard the question many times throughout my life, it is not something that I have set out to find. As a child, I suppose it just wasn’t that important to me, or maybe it required too…